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#1 Sports Handicapper in Europe

Cooper's Picks is Europe's #1 sports tipster and handicapper. Turn your sports betting from a hobby into extra income as an alternative investment with the help of Mike Cooper. As a world renowned and respected sports handicapper, Mr. Cooper has helped clients from the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, and Germany to make thousands of extra euros a season by following his sports picks and advice. From small time players who simply play for entertainment, to the big time investors who use sports gambling as a main source of income, it doesn't matter... When you're with Mr. Cooper you're a highly regarded member of the team.


You can get the inside scoop on today's plays by signing up for a package online, or call our toll free international line at 1-888-730-2667 and speak with the legend himself, Mike Cooper, and see what kind of investment package best fits your needs.


Mike Cooper Handicapper Mike Cooper Jr. - Co-Founder/Owner

Our team at Cooper's Picks is led by the worldly renowned, recognized and respected Sports expert and overall sports guru, Mike Cooper Jr., the son of former Las Vegas Insider Mike Cooper Sr. Over the last 15 years, Mike Cooper Jr. and his team have developed and perfected a winning formula that produces winner after winner in every sport. After hitting the scene over a decade ago, him and his formula shot up the ranks of the Las Vegas Sports Insider Syndicate, and now he's bringing his expertise to the common fan. Mr. Cooper's team includes 2 consultants to the odds makers in Vegas and countless Insiders from all over the globe. There's no piece of information that goes unnoticed by our staff, and we're the best of the best in the business at interpreting the information and translating it into winners.


How is Cooper's Picks one of the most consistently top performing services in the world?


Unlike most services who operate on a local and regional level, Mike Cooper and his team here at Cooper's Picks have developed the necessary connections over the last 20 years that stretch to every corner of the globe. With offices in Las Vegas, London, and Sydney, we have access to the global market of sports that other small, inferior services aren't capable of.


So how does this benefit you?


With our worldwide reach, we're not limited to playing just the sports that are particular to a specific region. When Football is winding down here in Europe, the American Football Season is just getting started. It's also this type of strategy that allows us to play only the most profitable sports in the entire world. For example, the common European and Austrailian fan has no idea that American Baseball is one of the most incredibly profitable sports in the entire sports gambling industry, and they lack the necessary connections to wager on such a foreign sport. That's where we come in. With our offices in different parts of the world, we have all the connections and all the information to profit on any and every sport! More sports to choose from means more opportunities to profit and better overall odds of winning. And noboy in the world wins like Cooper's Picks. You don't make it for as long as Mr. Cooper has in this industry without being damn good at what you do, and for over the last 20 years he's been building his reputation as one of the absolute best sports minds in the world.




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