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Basketball Picks from CoopersPicks.Co.UK Europes' Best Basketball Punter

Basketball is Mr. Cooper's personal bread and butter sport where he's directly involved with the decision making on all of the plays from each day. Having played basketball throughout his youth and during college, it's the sport that Mr. Cooper built his empire around and that he still takes great pride in being the best at. When Cooper's Picks started 20 years ago, it was entirely centered around basketball, both college and the pro game. Without it, we wouldn't be where we're at today. It's this kind of devotion and pride in the sport that has helped us build the great reputation of excellence that's helped us expand our service from a small, regional area to the global market.


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Nobody in the world knows basketball like Mr. Cooper. Nobody! Over the last 5 years, he's an incredible 74% overall, including 86% on all of his Top Rated Locks. Millions upon millions are made every week based on the Mr. Cooper's sports advice, and nobody manages your money better than our team of financial advisors. It's our special system that we've developed over the years that's allowed us to be one of the top performing services every year.


How do we win so consistently?


It's not only our system that sets us apart from our competition, it's also our vast resources. Being a large, worldwide service allows us to expand beyond a particular local market, enabling us to choose the absolute best plays from around the world on any given day. From the NBA to the Euroleague to the CBA and everywhere in between, we have hundreds of games to choose from every single day. This allows us to bring you only the absolute best plays each day, which greatly increases the odds in our favor.


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In addition to having more games for us to choose from, we also have the best team of handicappers and insiders that money can buy. Headed by Mr. Cooper himself, our team is filled with formers pros and international insiders with decades of experience working at the top of the industry. Our resources run deep throughout every crevice of every major professional basketball league. From the NBA in America to the Euroleague here in Europe to the CBA in China... We have the best of the best from each league! But you don't have to be a big time punter in order to get access to our premium service, we have packages to fit every punter's needs.


Basketball Packages:


Play of the Day - $30


For those of you who are just looking to test out our service, or even if you plan to let it all ride on one big play, we offer our Play of the Day for only $30. Unlike our other packages, our Play of the Day isn't specific to any particular sport. It may be Basketball, Football, Hockey, etc. It's always one of our highest rated plays on the board and is a great way to start you on your way to building your bankroll. Purchase our Play of the Day today and let us show you why we're the best Handicapping Service in the world!

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Standard Investment Punter - $100


From small, casual players to larger, aggressive players, our Standard Investment Package is designed to give you quality matches at an affordable price. Think of it as the appetizer for the main course. While Standard Investors are not eligible for our Premium Matches in our Elite Package, our Team of Experts is still the best in the business at picking those close tweener games. While the package is design to cater to smaller players, plenty of larger clients have found it to be very profitable in the long run. Even though this is our least expensive package, it definitely brings a bang for your buck!!!

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Inner Circle Club - $250


Get in the loop with our Inner Circle Club, and make our Team of Insiders YOUR Team! Inner Circle Club is recommended for serious punters, who are looking to make some real money. It's not a game anymore, it's all about maximizing your profit from every game. As with anything in life, you get what you pay for, and the Inner Circle Club is a perfect example of that. You receive all of our Premium Top Rated Matches which are as good as gold. They're hand selected by our team of Insiders and personally approved by Mr. Cooper, himself.

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Private Investor Matches - Call in for Details


Call us at 1-888-730-2667 and speak to one of the Cooper's in reference to our Private Investor Plays. This level of service is designed for the big time punters. We do not advertise for this service at all so if you are interested in finding out the details please call us immediately and schedule a time when one of our senior handicappers can call you back and see if you qualify to be a part of our Private Investors Group.


Call 1-888-730-2667 Today!




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